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A wonderful way to give back to the community.
Save $30 in performance fees.
and make a memory that will last a lifetime is by sponsoring
Angelo and Marie's FantasticBubble Show.

Your organization/business will be mentioned
before, during and after show. Marketing materials
discreetly made available by **sponsor representatives.

Sponsor an Indoor Show

At Place of Business, Public or Rented Facility

1 hour show
up to 100 children each show

Sponsor pays $150.00 Performance Fee
$50 Travel Fees.
Plus facility leasing fees

Sponsor a Theater Auditorium
Bubble Show

- 1 hour 30 minutes.

Seats up to 1500+ children and adults
**Sponsor pays $250.00 Performance Fee
$50 Travel Fees.
Plus all theater auditorium leasing fees.


Sponsor an Outdoor Show

(ie. Expo, Festival, Fair...)

One day - 3 hours
Noon break 30 minutes

Sponsor Pays $450.00 Performance Fee
$50 Travel Fees.
Plus Sponsor cares for space acquisition fees
Sponsor a Public Square Show

Show is performed at Public Squares
throughout the Baltimore City or Washington DC Metro area

1 Show - 1 hour
Sponsor Pays Performance Fee $150.00
$50 travel fees
Plus Sponsor cares for permit fees

*Qualified sponsors are local commercial businesses
seeking discrete and effective marketing to large audiences
in the Baltimore Washington Metro area.

Qualified sponsors and sponsored brands may include:

Medical and Dental Offices
Children's Hospitals
Occupational Trade Centers
Online Universities
Toy Brands
Arts and Craft Brands
Sports Brands
Recreation Brands
Auto and Aviation Companies
Recreation and Travel Companies
Education Programs and Facilities
Performing Arts Programs and Facilities
The Bubble Show program is solely under the
oversight of Angelo & Marie's Bubble Show.

Sponsor programs are for general audiences only.
We do not promote political,
religious or social change programs.

All Shows Feature The Following:

bubble program

Select Show Type/Venue and Event

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Phone (Home)         Cell Phone



Date of Event

Event Venue
(Place of business, Public Square, Theater, etc...)

Show Type
(Inside show, 0utside show)



bubble cluster
bubble cluster

*Disclaimer: Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show are not liable for injuries or damages caused by audience participation and use of bubble solution, vapor smoker or bubble wands and accessories.
Bubble wand solution contains only products approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Intended use of products are safe for pets and humans. Products are not to be ingested.
Organizations booking shows should notify adults and parents of children with allergies associated with dish washing detergents, bubble solution, USP grade kosher vegetable glycerine and anti-bacterial rubbing alcohol as these products may be used during the show.