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About Angelo and Marie's
Fantastic Bubble Show

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Our Story - For decades performance artist/composer, producer and entertainer Mark Angelo and event coordinator Brenda Marie Askew, have planned, organized and managed scores of corporate congregation and large family reunion group events.

Their specialty is an exciting bubble show that amazes children and parents alike with colorful displays of bubble blowing machines and wands.

Children of all ages gaze in awe at our bubble wand showcase, featuring unusually large, brilliant and spectacularly colored bubbles the size of beach balls, people, bikes and cars.

Making all this possible is our originally designed bubble wands and our finely honed bubble blowing techniques. Our devotion to good craftsmanship and the secret ingredients of our bubble solution.

We design and craft most of our bubble wands and accessories to appeal to children's attraction to eye candy. Adults are intrigued by the science and precision performance of our 16 unique bubble wands.
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Our bubble shows are perfect for festivals, parties, fund drives, indoor/outdoor activities, benefits, expos, family reunion activities, corporate events and more.

Now you can learn and share the joys of Bubbling by booking our Bubble show.  We perform for audiences large and small.


What is an Angelo and Marie Bubble Show?

Our Bubble Show is a 60 minute interactive age appropriate program featuring music, dancing, games, and science. Primarily for ages 4 and up. Note that children as old as 15 enjoy our shows. Our Bubble Shows are performed inside or outside at the following locations:

Preschool and Day Care Centers
Fair Grounds
Theater Auditoriums
Science Center Auditoriums
Aquariums (not pool side)
Swimming Pool Clubs
Recreation Centers
School Grounds
School Auditoriums
In The Park
At A Public Square

We Share In The Following Festivities:

Spring events and festivals
School fairs and other school events
Family reunions and picnics
Library events
School and Corporate picnics
Graduation parties
Community fairs
Block parties
Outdoor Wedding Receptions
Field Trips
Shows and Theater Events

We are not booking birthday, holiday or religious events at this time.

Our 30 Minutes to 1 Hour Program

Activities include:
Bubble Spray - Makes Hundreds of Bubbles In Seconds
Introduction to 8 Bubble Wands
6 Fantastic Bubble Tricks
Contestant Bubble Blowing (3 Volunteers)
KIB - Contestants Stand Inside of Big Bubbles

Our music is age appropriate and mostly instrumental including four of our very own compositions written expecially for our show.

Other Songs Include:
Can't Stop The Feeling
Best Day of My LIfe
Do Re Mi Flash Dance Mix
Happy - Pherrell Lewis
Beyond The Sea - George Benson

We ask that all adults attending help supervise children during the Inside and/or Outside Bubble Show to ensure a safe event and make certain all bubble wands are returned to avoid additional fees.

We will need about 1 hour to set-up, up to 30 minutes to 1 hour for the Bubble Show, and about 1 hr to break down.

Equipment Requirements

We use professional DJ equipment including 2 Bubble  machines that produce thousands of bubbles and a variety of bubble wands, tarp and some lighting. We provide all equipment and materials needed for the show. We require access to a working electrical outlet and well lit facility with
independent lights and Fan/AC controls on and off.

Localities Served

We primarily service the greater Baltimore Metro area and surrounding counties.

Bubble Show Cost

Generally a Bubble Show costs about $230 for an audience
up to 50-100 attendees.
$180 for a 30 minute to hour of performance. This price includes LIC - Liability Insurance Coverage
$50 travel fee outside the Baltimore Metro area if applicable.
Total Cost $230

Cost will vary for larger audiences.

Audiences larger than 100 attendees
$100 each additional 100 attendees. Example; an audience of 300 would cost $430
If the program is 1 hour and thirty minutes add an additional $100 for an additional 30 minutes to hour performance time. In this case the total would be $530 for the entire program.
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*Disclaimer: Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show are not liable for injuries or damages caused by audience participation and use of bubble solution, vapor smoker or bubble wands and accessories.

Bubble wand solution contains only products approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Intended use of products are safe for pets and humans.
Products are not to be ingested.

Organizations booking shows should notify adults and parents of children with allergies associated with dish washing detergents, bubble solution, USP grade kosher vegetable glycerine and anti-bacterial rubbing alcohol as these products may be used during the show.