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Also Enjoy Theater Style Entertainment For Kids
Angelo and Marie's Liquid Art and Light Show
(For Indoor or Dusk To Nighttime Outdoor Shows Only.)

Immerse yourself in the enchanting musical story of Living Water. A liquid capable of defying gravity, absorbing and refracting light. The Liquid Art and Light Show! Be amazed as you watch liquid art in suspended animation filling the theater with the beauty of flying gems and crystalline art. Behold KIB! The amazing feat of putting Kids Inside Bubbles. We transform your school's recreation room, auditorium and stage into an emporium that brings imagination to life. Watch our channel of bubble show tours and enjoy a recent article in the Baltimore Sun about our show... "The Fleeting Art of The Bubble"

"Thanks, Mark! Everyone is raving about the fun they had. We have some great pics, too! We look forward to working with you in the future!" - Early Childhood Center, Baltimore, MD

"We really enjoyed it!" - Hopkins Employee Appreciation Fall Fest, Baltimore, MD"

"This is great! We'd like to have you again next year!" - PTA at West Towson Elementary Towson, MD

Welcome to Charm Cities premier edutainment bubble show on wheels. Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Shows are high fun factor events like no other.

What makes us special? Our secret bubble solution, magnificent bubbles and colorful whimsical wands that produce gigantic human size bubbles most kids and adults have never seen before. Not to mention our own exciting bubble spray that delivers hundreds of bubbles in a single sweep of our bubble spray wands. Awe at our fantastic long tube bubbles and our KIB - Kid in a Bubble trick that is the highlight of the show. Give your party, school program, summer event, festival or fair the highest fun factor possible. BOOK NOW!











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The Art of Blowing Bubbles by Mark Angelo Askew
bubble program

Parents are amazed at our ability to put children inside of bubbles.
Watch as we blow bubbles inside of other bubbles.
We can make a bubble bounce on a film of soap and other objects.
We shape and form bubble snakes, bubble doughnuts and bubble clouds
Our bubble shows bring out the child in everyone. We entertain at
parties, festivals, schools, corporate events, clubs and other venues.
It's an event you and your children will never forget.
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bubble cluster
bubble cluster

*Disclaimer: Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show and it's performers are not liable for damages due to injuries caused by audience participation at bubble shows as well as the use of bubble soap solution, water vapor mist maker or the use of bubble wands and accessories. Bubble solution contains only products approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Intended use of products are safe for pets and humans. Organizations booking shows should notify adults and parents of children with allergies associated with dish washing liquid, bubble solution, USP grade kosher vegetable glycerine and anti-bacterial rubbing alcohol as these products may be used during the show.

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